How to Use Keyframes in Capcut

Keyframes are a key tool in video editing. You can use them to make animations. You set points for changes in your video’s properties. CapCut is a widely-used video editing app. It has a strong keyframing feature. It can greatly improve your videos. It turns them from simple cuts and transitions into complex, animated masterpieces. You might be a beginner learning video editing basics. Or, you might be a seasoned creator looking to add pro touches to your projects. Either way, you must master keyframes in CapCut. This guide of How to Use Keyframes in Capcut will take you through the detailed steps of using keyframes in CapCut.

How to Use Keyframes in Capcut?

Follow these steps. You can use keyframes in CapCut to add animations, effects, and movement to your videos. This will make them more interesting and engaging. Experiment with different settings. See what cool animations you can make!

  • Open CapCut and Start Editing
  • Add Your Video to the Timeline
  • Select the Video Clip
  • Access the Keyframe Feature
  • Add Keyframes
  • Adjust Keyframe Positions
  • Modify Keyframe Properties
  • Preview Your Animation
  • Fine-tune Your Keyframes
  • Export and Save Your Video

Open CapCut and Start Editing

First, open the CapCut app on your phone or tablet. If you don’t have it yet, go to the app store, search for “CapCut,” download it, and learn how to post videos on CapCut once it’s installed, open the app to begin editing your video

Add Your Video to the Timeline

Once you’re in CapCut, start a new project or open an existing one. Tap on the “+” button to add your video clip to the timeline. The timeline is where you’ll see your video and where you can make edits.

Select the Video Clip

Tap on the video clip you want to add keyframes to. This will select the clip and allow you to make changes to it, like adding animations or effects.

Access the Keyframe Feature

To add keyframes, look for the keyframe button. It looks like a small diamond or a dot with lines. Tap on this button to access the keyframe feature.

Add Keyframes

Once you’ve opened the keyframe feature, tap on the timeline. Do this where you want to start adding animations or effects. This adds your first keyframe. Keyframes mark the beginning and end of where your changes will happen in the video.

Adjust Keyframe Positions

Move the playhead (the line that shows where you are in the video) to a different part of the timeline. Tap the keyframe button again to add another keyframe at this new spot. This creates a path for your changes to happen over time.

Modify Keyframe Properties

After adding keyframes, you can change the properties of your video. For example, you can move an object, change its size, or make it fade in or out. Tap on the keyframes you added to adjust these properties.

Preview Your Animation

After you set up your keyframes and adjust your video, preview your animation. Do this by tapping the play button. This lets you see how your changes look in motion.

Fine-tune Your Keyframes

You can make your animation smoother. You can also change its speed. To do this, move the keyframes closer or farther apart. This fine-tuning helps make your video look just right.

Export and Save Your Video

When you’re happy with your video and keyframe animations, tap the export button. Choose the quality you want for your video, and then save it to your device. Now you can share your animated video with friends, family, or on social media!

Benefits Of Keyframes in Capcut

  • Animation Control: Keyframes allow you to animate elements smoothly. You can animate text, images, and effects. They move across the timeline, giving your videos dynamic movement.
  • Customization: You can control changes in properties precisely. These properties include position, size, opacity, and rotation of video elements. You can use this control to create personalized and polished effects.
  • Enhanced Storytelling: Keyframes let you enhance stories visually. They do this by guiding viewers’ attention. They emphasize details and create scene changes.
  • Professional-Looking Effects: Keyframes enable you to achieve professional-level effects. These include zoom-ins, fade-ins, and sliding. They enhance the quality of your video.
  • Creative Freedom: They offer creative freedom to try different animations and effects. This allows you to show your style and vision in your videos.
  • Smooth Transitions: Keyframes help you create smooth transitions. You can use them between video clips or within a single clip. They make your edits seamless and visually appealing.
  • Time Efficiency: Using keyframes can save time. They automate complex animations and effects. These would otherwise need manual adjustments frame by frame.
  • Versatility: You might edit short social media clips or longer videos. Keyframes in CapCut adapt to many needs. They enhance the look of your content.
  • User-Friendly Interface: CapCut’s simple interface makes it easy for all skill levels to understand. It also makes it easy to use keyframe animations well. And, it does this without needing advanced technical knowledge.


How do you do keyframes on CapCut?

Tap the keyframe button (a diamond icon) while editing to add and adjust keyframes on the timeline.

How to use keyframe?

Place keyframes at points on the timeline. Adjust the properties (like position, opacity) of your video elements between these keyframes.

What are keyframes used for in editing?

Keyframes are used to create animations and transitions. They define the start and end points of changes in video.

Can you animate in CapCut?

Yes, you can animate elements in CapCut. You use keyframes to control their movement, size, rotation, and effects.


In conclusion, using keyframes in CapCut offers many creative options for your videos. By mastering this feature, you can change static elements into dynamic animations. You can also add motion to text and images. And, you can create pro effects that make your videos stand out. Keyframes allow you to control when and how changes occur in your video. They give you the power to tweak every detail to perfection. As you continue to use keyframes, you’ll find new ways to improve your storytelling. You’ll also engage your audience with captivating visual effects. You may be creating content for social media, education, or personal projects. The skill to use keyframes well will greatly expand your editing abilities.

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