How to Do Gender Swap Filter on Capcut

Have you ever wondered How to Do Gender Swap Filter on Capcut. Well, with CapCut, you can find out in a few simple steps! CapCut is like a magic wand for your videos, allowing you to add all sorts of fun effects and filters to your clips. And one of the most popular filters is the Gender Swap filter. It’s like trying on a costume, but for your face! With this filter, you can transform your appearance to see how you would look as a boy if you’re a girl, or as a girl if you’re a boy. It’s like looking into a mirror from another dimension!

What is Gender Swap Filter on CapCut?

The Gender Swap Filter on CapCut is like a special magic trick for your videos. It’s a fun tool that lets you see what you would look like if you were a different gender! Have you ever wondered How Much Is Capcut Pro? Imagine looking into a mirror and seeing yourself as a boy if you’re a girl, or as a girl if you’re a boy. That’s what the Gender Swap Filter does. 

It changes your face in the video to make it look like you’re someone else. It’s like trying on a costume, but on your face! With a few taps on the screen, you can turn yourself into a new person. You can have fun seeing yourself in a new way. So, if you wonder what you’d look like with a different gender, use CapCut’s Gender Swap Filter! Or, if you want to laugh with friends, use it too.

How to Do Gender Swap Filter on Capcut?

  • Open CapCut App
  • Start a New Project
  • Import Your Video
  • Access Filters
  • Find the Gender Swap Filter
  • Apply the Filter
  • Adjust Settings (Optional)
  • Preview and Save
  • Share Your Video

Open CapCut App

First, open the CapCut app on your phone or tablet. You can find it on your home screen or in your app drawer.

Start a New Project.

Tap on the “+” button to start a new project. Or, select an existing project where you want to apply the Gender Swap Filter.

Import Your Video

If you haven’t already, import the video clip where you want to use the Gender Swap Filter. You can do this by tapping on the “Import” button and selecting the video from your device’s gallery.

Access Filters

Once your video is imported, tap on the “Filters” icon. It looks like a magic wand and is usually located at the bottom of the screen.

Find the Gender Swap Filter

Scroll through the list of filters until you find the Gender Swap Filter. It usually has a name like “Gender Swap” or “Face Swap.” Tap on it to select it.

Apply the Filter

After selecting the Gender Swap Filter, it will be applied to your video. You’ll see the effect in real-time on your video preview.

Adjust Settings (Optional)

You can adjust the intensity or style of the Gender Swap effect. Do this by tapping the filter again and adjusting the settings. Play around with the options until you’re happy with how it looks.

Preview and Save

Once you’re happy with the Gender Swap effect, preview your video. Check that everything looks good. If you’re happy with it, tap on the “Save” or “Export” button to save your edited video to your device.

Share Your Video

Finally, share your video with friends and family to show off your Gender Swap creation! You can share it on social media, send it in messages, or keep it saved on your device to watch again later.

Why Is A Gender Swap Filter Popular Yet Controversial?

Many people like the Gender Swap Filter. It’s like a fun game. It lets people see themselves in a new way. It’s exciting to imagine what you might look like if you were a different gender! People enjoy using the filter to create funny videos and share them with friends. It’s like playing dress-up, but on your phone.

But, the filter can also be controversial. It raises key questions about identity and stereotypes. Some people worry that using the filter might reinforce stereotypes. It’s about what boys and girls should look like. For example, if the filter always makes boys look one way and girls look another, it could say that there’s only one “right” way to look by gender.

This can be harmful. It doesn’t reflect the variety of how people look and who they are. Another worry is that the filter might make people feel bad about their looks. If someone doesn’t like how they look with the filter, it could make them feel bad about themselves. But it’s vital to remember: everyone is different and special. No matter their looks or gender. Even with these worries, lots of people still like using the Gender Swap Filter because it’s fun to play with. It’s like pretending to be someone else for a little bit.


How do you get a CapCut filter?

You can get CapCut filters within the CapCut app.

What is the app that turns girls into boys?

The app that turns girls into boys is CapCut

What app has gender filter?

CapCut is an app that has a gender filter.

Which photo editor can change gender?

An app that can change gender in photos is CapCut.


After trying the Gender Swap filter on CapCut, it’s clear that this feature adds a new layer of fun to video editing. You might be curious about your appearance in a different gender. Or, you might want to add humor to your videos. The Gender Swap filter lets you experiment with your looks. With a few taps, you can transform your face and see yourself in a whole new light. CapCut continues to impress with its easy-to-use interface and exciting features. It’s the perfect tool for unleashing your creativity and having fun. So go ahead, give the Gender Swap filter a try, and prepare to be amazed at the transformative power of CapCut!

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