How to Remove Grimace Shake in CapCut

Are you ready to learn How to Remove Grimace Shake in CapCut? Sometimes, add a silly filter or effect that we don’t like. One popular effect is the Grimace Shake, which can make your videos look funny and spooky. But what if you want to take it out and make your video look normal again? No worries! In this guide, we will show you how to remove the Grimace Shake effect in CapCut. CapCut is a very popular and easy video app. You don’t need to be a video editing expert to do this. We will explain step-by-step in simple words. Let’s get started and learn how to remove the Grimace Shake in CapCut!

What is Grimace Shake in CapCut?

The Grimace Shake in CapCut is a special effect you can add to your videos. When you use this effect, it makes your video look like it’s shaking or vibrating. It looks spooky and funny, like a scary movie. Imagine if you were holding a camera and your hands were shaking a lot—that’s what the Grimace Shake looks like.

Here’s How to Make a CapCut Template: when you apply the Grimace Shake to your video, the screen picture will move back and forth. This makes the video look like it is trembling. This effect can make your video seem more exciting or scary, depending on what you want to create. People use it for fun, to make their videos look cool and different. If you decide you don’t like the Grimace Shake and want to remove it, you can do so by following a few simple steps in CapCut. This way, you can keep your video the way you want it, without the shaking.

How to Remove Grimace Shake in CapCut?

  • Open CapCut
  • Select Your Project
  • Go to the Timeline
  • Find the Grimace Shake Effect
  • Tap on the Grimace Shake Effect
  • Open the Edit Menu
  • Tap on Delete
  • Check Your Video
  • Make Any Other Changes (Optional)
  • Save Your Project
  • Share Your Video (Optional)

Open CapCut

First, open the CapCut app on your phone or tablet. You will see the CapCut logo when it starts up.

Select Your Project

On the main screen, you will see a list of your projects. These are the videos you have been working on. Find the project with the Grimace Shake effect that you want to remove. Tap on the project to open it.

Go to the Timeline

When your project opens, you will see a timeline at the bottom of the screen. This timeline shows all the video clips, music, and effects you have added to your project.

Find the Grimace Shake Effect

Look at the timeline to find the Grimace Shake effect. The effects are usually shown as small colored bars or icons above or below the video clips. Scroll through the timeline by dragging it left or right with your finger. Keep going until you find the Grimace Shake effect.

Tap on the Grimace Shake Effect

Once you find the Grimace Shake effect, tap on it to select it. When you tap on it, it will highlight the effect bar or icon to show that you have selected it.

Open the Edit Menu

After selecting the Grimace Shake effect, look for the edit menu. It usually appears at the top or bottom of the screen. It has options like “Edit,” “Delete,” or “Adjust.””

Tap on Delete

In the edit menu, find the “Delete” button or a trash can icon. Tap on this button to remove the Grimace Shake effect from your video. The effect will disappear from the timeline.

Check Your Video

Now that you have removed the Grimace Shake effect, watch your video. Make sure it looks the way you want. Tap on the play button to preview your video without the shaking effect.

Make Any Other Changes (Optional)

If you want to make other changes to your video, like adding effects or trimming clips, you can do that now. Use the timeline and the editing tools to customize your video.

Save Your Project

When you are happy with your video, it’s time to save it. Look for the “Export” or “Save” button. This is usually found at the top right or bottom right of the screen. Tap on this button to save your project. CapCut will process your video and save it to your device.

Share Your Video (Optional)

If you want to share your video with friends or on social media, you can do that from CapCut. After saving, look for the share options, select where you want to share your video, and follow the prompts.

Benefits Of Removing Grimace Shake in CapCut

  • Professional Look: Removing the Grimace Shake effect can make your video look more professional. This is true if you want to make a serious or high-quality video.
  • Clarity: Without Grimace Shake, viewers can focus better. They can focus on the content of your video without distractions. This is particularly important for educational or informative videos where clarity is key.
  • Customization: Removing the Grimace Shake gives you more control. You can control the look and style of your video. You can choose to add other effects or keep the video clean and straightforward.
  • Enhanced Viewing Experience: Removing the Grimace Shake effect can help your audience. It makes your video easier to watch and enjoy. They won’t feel dizzy or disoriented.
  • Versatility: Removing the Grimace Shake effect makes your video more versatile. You can share it on different platforms. You can share it with different audiences. You needn’t worry about it being too distracting or inappropriate.


How do you get rid of Grimace?

Tap on the Grimace effect and press delete.

How do you edit shakes in CapCut?

Go to the effects menu and choose the shake effect to change it.

How to remove effects in CapCut?

Select the effect you want to remove and press delete.

Where is jitter in CapCut?

Find jitter under the effects menu.


Now you know how to remove the Grimace Shake effect in CapCut! Follow these steps. You can remove any effect you don’t like. Then, your videos will look how you want them. Editing videos is a great way to express creativity. It’s also fun with friends and family. You can use the skills to edit and adjust your projects in CapCut. You might be making a funny clip, a cool montage, or a special video for a friend. Don’t be afraid to try different effects and features in the app. The more you practice, the better you’ll get. Remember, if you add an effect like the Grimace Shake, you can remove it.

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