How to Zoom in on Capcut

Have you ever wanted to How to Zoom in on Capcut? Well, CapCut is a fun and easy app that can help you do that! CapCut is a video editing app that you can use on your phone or tablet. It’s like a magic tool that lets you change your videos in many creative ways. One of the awesome things you can do in CapCut is zooming in on a part of your video. Zooming in means making a certain part of your video look bigger, so everyone can see it.

How to Zoom in on CapCut?

  • Open CapCut
  • Start a New Project
  • Import Your Video
  • Add Your Video to the Timeline
  • Select the Clip to Zoom
  • Tap on the Zoom Tool
  • Adjust the Zoom Area
  • Preview Your Zoom Effect
  • Apply the Zoom Effect
  • Save and Export Your Video 

Open CapCut

First, find and open the CapCut app on your phone or tablet, including learning how to use green screen on CapCut. If you haven’t installed it yet, you can download it from the app store for free.

Start a New Project

Once CapCut is open, tap on the “New Project” button to start a new video editing project.

Import Your Video

Now, you need to import the video you want to edit. Tap on the “Import” button and select the video from your device’s gallery.

Add Your Video to the Timeline

Once you import your video, it will appear in the media library. Tap on it to select it, then tap on the “Add” button to add it to the timeline at the bottom of the screen.

Select the Clip to Zoom

Find the part of the video where you want to zoom in. Tap on the clip in the timeline to select it.

Tap on the Zoom Tool

Next, tap on the “Zoom” tool in the editing menu. It looks like a magnifying glass.

Adjust the Zoom Area

You’ll see a box appear on your video clip. You can drag the corners of the box to adjust the size and position of the zoom area. Make sure the area you want to zoom in on is inside the box.

Preview Your Zoom Effect

Once you’ve adjusted the zoom area, tap on the play button to preview how it looks. If you’re happy with it, you can move on to the next step. If not, you can go back and adjust the zoom area until it looks right.

Apply the Zoom Effect

When you’re satisfied with the zoom effect, tap on the checkmark or “Apply” button to apply it to your video clip.

Save and Export Your Video

Finally, tap on the “Export” button to save your edited video. You can choose the quality and format you want, then tap on “Export” again to save your video to your device.

An Alternative to Add Zoom Effect to Video

So, you want to make your video look like it’s zooming in or out without using the actual zoom feature. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Choose Your Video Editing Software: You need a program to edit your video. Some options are iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, and online tools. Examples are Kapwing and Clipchamp.
  • Import Your Video: Open your editing software and import the video you want to add the zoom effect to. It’s like putting the video into the editor so you can work on it.
  • Split Your Video: Find the part of the video where you want the zoom effect to start and stop. Split the video into sections at those points. This way, you can work on the part where you want the zoom.
  • Adjust the Size: In the first section of your video, make the size smaller. You can do this by dragging the corners of the video. Or, you can find a “scale” or “size” option in your editing software.
  • Create Keyframes: Keyframes are like checkpoints for your video. Go to the beginning of the first section and set a keyframe for the size of your video. Then go to the end of the section and set another keyframe with the size you want it to be. This will create a smooth zoom effect between the two keyframes.
  • Repeat for Zoom Out: If you want your video to zoom out instead of in, you can do the same thing but in reverse. Start with the video at a larger size, then shrink it down in the next section.
  • Preview Your Video: Before you finish, watch your video to make sure the zoom effect looks how you want it to. If it doesn’t, you can go back and adjust the keyframes or the size of the video.
  • Export Your Video: Once you’re happy with how it looks, you can save or export your video. This will make it ready to share with others or upload to the internet.

That’s it! Now you’ve added a zoom effect to your video without using the zoom feature. It’s a fun way to make your videos more interesting!


How do I zoom in on a specific area in CapCut PC?

Use the “Animation” feature and select “Zoom In” to zoom on a specific area.

How to zoom in video editing?

Add a zoom effect to make a part of your video look bigger.

How do I enlarge a video in CapCut?

Use the “Scale” option to make the whole video look bigger.

How to do 3D zoom on CapCut PC?

Use the “3D Zoom” effect in the effects menu for a cool 3D look.


Now you know how to zoom in on your videos using CapCut. You’re ready to make them more exciting and fun to watch! Zooming in helps highlight the key parts of your video. These could be a funny moment, a special detail, or anything you want your viewers to notice. Remember, practice makes perfect. So, keep trying out different zoom effects. See what looks best for your videos. CapCut is powerful. With these new skills, you can make videos that are not fun, but also professional. You might be making a video for school, a birthday, or for fun.

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